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The Machines

Vending machines have become very popular across the world as a means to dispense Hot Beverages as it offers numerous advantages over the traditional methods.

  • Quicker - it’s quite quick and easy to lead the machine with products and to dispense the various drinks
  • Convenience - You can get a Hot Beverage Anywhere Anytime!
  • Accountability – the meter reading option in the machine offers allows one to keep track of all the drinks consumed from the machine
  • Variety – the machine can dispense at least 7 varieties of drinks like Cappuccino, Mochaccino, Cardamom Tea, Hot Chocolate, Black Coffee, white Coffee among others.
  • Adaptability – the machine can be adapted to a client’s needs.

Available machines include!

Alegria 860 Machine

The Alegria 8/60 machine offers a wide range of hot beverage and is compact enough to fit into any environment. Adding to its versatility is the fact that it is a stand-alone unit and that it can be self-configured to offer a large menu of drinks suitable to offices, restaurants, schools and conference venues. It is truly designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers!

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Alegria 630 Machine

The Alegria 630 machine is a smaller one that offers the same range of beverages as the Alegria 860. The only major difference is that it doesn’t have the Sugar canister within the machine and so sugar has to be added on the side.